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Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee: What's the Deal?

You’ve probably landed on this page having seen one of our favourite gifs on the internet, and if you haven’t, well, here it is again.

We're definitely not insinuating Mugatu is spitting out iced coffee, honest.


Now if you like to save time and cut to the chase, you could of course just click this handy button below and go nab yourself some cold brew, perhaps a taster set to get started. After all, the only real important information on this page is that cold brew is better than iced coffee, we think.


If however you believe every day is a school day and want to learn about the differences between iced coffee and it’s newfound far superior cousin to whom we’re definitely not biased towards as our favourite, then read on...


A helpful analogy

We believe we’ve come up with your favourite new chilled coffee drink. It’s kind of like iced coffee, in the same way that a Skoda and a Ferrari are the same kind of car: they get you from A to B, have four wheels and a steering wheel amongst a host of other features. Except of course, it’s the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ that separates them and gives them their unique selling points - if of course we ignore that the Ferrari is likely due to a mid-life-crisis and the Skoda for those who favour reliability and safety (which also coincides with the end of our knowledge on cars). To help you forge a better comparison of the two, read on for their differences:


We’ve a mantra here at Bottleshot: ‘when you put great in, you get great out’. And that’s exactly what we do with both our cold brew drinks. A lot of iced coffees are made with dubious coffee beans and a whole host of frankly confusing ingredients to stabilise and balance and yada yada yada. Well you know what? You only need to add all those funky things when the very ingredients you’ve started with aren't up to scratch. You may know the expression: ‘you can’t polish a turd’, and, well, yeah.

Instead, we opt for Rainforest Alliance Certified beans from Brazil and Colombia chosen for their naturally chocolatey, nutty and smooth notes. Water is also pretty important, and because we’re all about the great stuff, we go for the filtered kind. There’s a dash of chicory root extract as a nod to our New Orleans heritage, and that’s it for our Black Cold Brew. Fancy something sweeter? Then our Oat M*lk Cold Brew contains all of the above, plus oat milk and a little potassium: just to stop the oat milk and coffee splitting apart in the can.


Brewed low and slow

Iced coffee, as you’ve probably seen, is made by making an espresso and adding it to ice along with additional water and/or your favourite milk. Seems pretty mad when you think about it: why make something steaming hot to then cool it down? That super high temperature combined with sub-optimal beans means it’ll often taste burnt, overly acidic and synthetic.

Cold brew, as the name suggests, is about brewing things cold rather than hot. We steep ground coffee and cool filtered water for 18 long hours, enabling the two to really get to know one another. This low and slow process ensures a slow, smooth release of caffeine and mingle of flavours. Resulting in a drink that’s 60% less acidic than regular coffee and actually tastes great without anything added. Oh, and each can is the equivalent of 2 espresso’s, so you won’t be missing your caffeine hit either.


Smooth, long lasting caffeine

Talking of caffeine-hit. The low and slow nature of cold brew in turn produces a low and slow release of caffeine once drunk. We like to call it the cold-brew-energy. So instead of the crazy high surge you get from coffee straight up, followed by a crashing low seeing you crave more and more, cold brew can help you maintain that energy-boosted smooth vibe for much longer, with no crash after.


No nasties = no sugar crash

You may have dodged the caffeine car crash, but what about sugars? A pretty bad combo when you think about it. A massive sugar crash and caffeine crash at the same time, that makes you want to drink more and more iced coffee?! Nope. Not us. We’d rather you had a cold brew a day for five days, and we’re pretty certain you’ll feel the good things after. Why do they add sugar, you may ask? Well, it goes with polishing a turd, if you put not-so-great ingredients in, they’ll need a bit of sugar coating (so to speak) to make them taste alright.

There are absolutely no nasties in our cans, because they don't need them, and nor do you.

Fancy trying the good stuff?

Yeah you do! Put those sugar coated turds down the sink and reap the benefits of cold-brew-energy.