Bottleshot Cold Brew Coffee

Lifehack: level-up your protein shake

If you're anything like us at Team B, you love a good morning workout sesh but hate the post pumping it slump you get after. We're gonna let you in on a little secret a customer told us about, as to how she's seriously levelled up her recovery protein shake...

Here's the deal

You've been smashing it out the park all morning in the gym, track or pool (or more likely at home given the state of the world right now). You're absolutely shattered afterwards, have downed your protein shake for recovery and are now craving for something caffeinated to power you through the rest of the morning's tasks. A flat white or mug of filter coffee is probably you're go-to, or potentially the harder stuff like an energy drink - both of which either give you the jitters, cramps and/or massive downward crash by mid-morning...

So what do you do?

If you love the ups and downs of the aforementioned crashes, then go for it.

We, on the other hand, would usually reach for a can of Bottleshot, either oat or black depending on the day, and enjoy the slow release of caffeine to keep us focussed. Thanks to the way we brew our cold brew, low and slow (in fact, no heat at all), for 18 hours enables the coffee grounds and water to really get to know one another. And just as they've taken a long time to become best pals, when they come to caffeinating us, they slowly release their caffeine too.

So yeah, sure, we could end it here and say just drink Bottleshot and enjoy the cold brew energy it gives you (totally do that if you'd like to, we'd rather appreciate it)... But for a further hack, check out the screenshot below from a fellow customer and friend: