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Rise and Grind! 5 Ways to Upcycle Coffee Grounds

We're always seeking out new ways to do better and keep good things brewing for the people and the planet.

One of our initiatives towards this is to reduce our waste and footprint on the planet. We are currently partnered with Urban Mushroom, a YMCA company that takes upcycling to a new level. After brewing our coffee, there is still a lot of potential for the leftover grinds; 80% of the caffeine is left after brewing! Urban Mushroom takes these unassuming leftovers and uses them in amazing ways for composting and growing vegetables in the community.

You don’t have to be a big organisation to make changes like this though; the planet needs every volunteer it can get! After your morning caffeine fix, you can get crafty with your coffee grounds and help heal the planet along the way.

Here are five ideas to start you on your upcycling journey:

1. Fertilising your garden

Like Urban Mushrooms, you too can spruce up your garden with coffee grounds! Just sprinkle the grounds onto your soil and you’ll give your plants the same boost that coffee gives you.

2. Exfoliate your skin

Coffee can brighten up your skin just as much as it brightens your morning. Just combine coffee grounds with water or coconut oil to create an exfoliating scrub for your face and body.

3. Repel Insects & Pests

Although humans and plants love coffee, insects and pests don’t. You can sprinkle leftover grounds outside on the ground or in your garden! And if you want to do the same inside, just put some in a bowl and you’re pest free.

4. Natural cleaning solution

The abrasiveness of coffee grounds can be used to scrub away buildup and messes around your house. It even has some antibacterial properties! It’s a great alternative to harsh chemical cleaners.

5. Remove Fleas from Pets

Most modern flea treatments contain harsh chemicals and can have unwanted side effects. The good news is, fleas don’t like coffee! Just rub the grounds in your pet’s fur after shampooing then rinse and dry like usual. Coffee can make pets and owners a lot happier.