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TIPS FROM THE PROS: Hannah Godfrey, Tottenham Hotspurs



In the very first of our Fuelling Female Figures series, we talk to all-round athletic superstar that is Hannah Godfrey. She's a professional football player, no less than the captain of Tottenham Hotspurs, and, as we began to find out, quite the avid cold-brew coffee lover too!

So we thought it only fair to pop a few cases of our cans in the post to her, and see how she found subbing her regular hot cup of coffee for Bottleshot. We've long talked about (and as fitness fans ourselves) experienced the incredible effects of switching over to cold brew for our caffeination when it comes to exercising and playing sport, so to hear it from a seasoned pro was pretty special.

How has cold-brew helped you with your athletic performance?

It makes me feel sharp and raring to go. It gives me that boost without feeling bloated or sickly and affecting my performance. It's pretty sweet to be able to drink something not only that's cold and tasty, but to also give me that much needed lift throughout, without any of the nasty crashes you sometimes get with other drinks.

How does Bottleshot fit into your daily routine?

It accompanies my pre-game and pre-training meals, and also on a sunny day when the cold coffee cravings arrive.

Have you noticed a difference when switching from regular brew coffee to Bottleshot?

Bottleshot is very light in your stomach and doesn’t make you feel bloated at all. You can tell there is a lot less acidity as it feels smooth and pleasant to drink even before playing sport.

Do you feel a difference in your energy when drinking Bottleshot vs regular brew coffee?

My energy lift is a lot smoother and allows me to get ready to train and play. I feel a good sense of energy that lasts throughout rather than crashing, which can sometimes be the case with coffee.

What made you want to switch from regular brew to cold-brew?

I wanted to try something new, especially since I’m a huge fan of oat milk now so that instantly drew me towards Bottleshot in particular. Also it has no sugar or junk which benefits me as an athlete too and fits into my health regime.

Do you travel with your cold-brew?

Cold brew comes with me every day to training and match days. It's pretty hand in its can form as I know it's not going to pierce or smash in my kit bag, and the size is great for chilling a case load in the fridge too.