It Us

Bottleshot Co-Founders Annie Mitchell and Charlotte Dales

Have you ever been somewhere where you can't find product that you really love? We mean really, really love? Well, that was the case for the two of us when we moved to the UK several years ago. We'd grown up in the US drinking cold brew from New Orleans where it originated and when we both relocated to London, much to our disappointment, we couldn't find an authentic cold brew. We missed its delicious, full-bodied flavour profile and its powerful, yet smoothly consistent, caffeine high. This was quite a blow to our daily routine!

Over time we befriended our (now) chief Barista, Lukasz, at our favourite coffee shop in Parsons Green and we voiced our frustrations about the cold brew void. Lukasz encouraged us to get proactive and ultimately helped us develop Bottleshot's recipe.

Together we've sourced a premium blend of ethically sourced Arabica beans blended with a touch of chicory (like the original) that we brew cold for 18 hours creating a deliciously bold, smooth, and authentic cold brew.