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Bottleshot Cold Brew Coffee


Our initiatives


We're a proud partner of Urban Mushroom

Urban Mushroom is A YMCA company that repurposes our leftover coffee grinds to grow mushrooms in their urban farm.

Over 500,000 tonnes of used coffee grounds are sent to landfill each year unecesssarily, so we're happy ours don't add to that.

Urban Mushrooms pioneers ethical and sustainable food production, as well as provides jobs and training to young people who are the furthest removed from the labour market.


100% rainforest alliance certified beans

We source all our coffee from Rainforest Alliance certified farms across Brazil and Colombia. We wanted to ensure that the beans were not only of an incredibly high quality, but that the people and planet are taken care of. The RFA's focuses on:

• Supporting farmers and communities
• Protecting land and waterways
• Improving incomes

We've got plans in the future to add other credible, meaningful certifications to Bottleshot as we build our company ethically.


Our aluminium cans are made from pre-recycled materials, and our label is recyclable as well. We're working on a brand new packaging design that will reduce the materials used on our products, and maximise opportunity for the cans to be as beautiful on the outside as the cold brew inside.

We also work closely with food-sharing companies to distribute any of our cans that are damaged in the manufacturing process to save them going to waste.