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Bottleshot Cold Brew Coffee



Coffee as an industry isn't an entirely sustainable one, and that's something we're very much conscious of at Bottleshot.
wHICH IS WHY WE'RE 100% COMMITTED TO DOUBLING DOWN ON the things we can do to improve our impact on both people and planet.
Read on to find out about the initiatives we're involved in both here in the uk, and in collaboration with our sourcing partners at origin.


Our initiatives


We're a proud partner of Urban Mushroom

A YMCA company that repurposes our leftover coffee grinds to grow mushrooms in their urban farm in Newcastle.

Urban Mushrooms pioneers ethical and sustainable food production and provides jobs and training to young people furthest removed from the labour market. Over the next year, the enterprise developing it’s tried-and-tested approach to urban farming with used coffee grounds to produce new, speciality hot pink oyster mushrooms to join their pearl-grey mushrooms in the fresh cap and grow-at-home kit product range. They’re also developing dried mushroom products along with a line of speciality powders and salts.

Over 500,000 tonnes of used coffee grounds are sent to landfill each year, so we're super happy that ours aren't part of this figure


100% rainforest alliance certified beans

We source all our coffee from Rainforest Alliance certified farms across Brazil and Colombia. We wanted to ensure that the core ingredient to our cold brews was not only of a high quality, but that people and planet are put on the same level playing field as profit.

The RFA's approach is threefold, focussing on:

Supporting farmers and communities

Protecting land and waterways

Improving incomes

We've big plans in the future to add more credible, meaningful certifications to Bottleshot, to take an even deeper dive into the areas outlined above and into others too.


Our aluminium cans are made from recycled materials, and our label is recyclable as well. We're working on a brand new packaging design both for our cans and our boxes, to ensure minimal waste and maximum opportunity for them to be as beautiful as the cold brew inside.

We also work closely with food-sharing companies to distribute any of our cans that are damaged in the manufacturing process. They're still super tasty and perfectly safe to drink from, but we'd feel bad charging for a damaged good. We do the same with surplus cans or ingredients also, to save them going to waste.