Why We Brew

Have you ever been somewhere where you can't find a product you really love? We mean
really, really love? Well, that was the case for some of the members of our founding team.

We'd grown up in New Orleans drinking authentic cold brew year round, and once we
moved to the UK, we banded together over this missing void in our daily routine.

As we settled in London, we befriended our chief Barista, Lukasz, at his coffee shop in
Parsons Green, and after voicing our frustrations time after time, he helped us develop 
an authentic cold brew that would make NOLA proud. Together we've sourced a premium
blend of Arabica beans that we mix with a bit of chicory (like the original) and brew cold for
18 hours to create a deliciously bold, smooth, and authentic cold brew.

We all have our natural beat – but what if you could perform at a higher tempo? Bottleshot’s
cold brew slowly releases energy throughout the day, so you can stay on form for longer,
increasing your rhythm naturally. We wanted to create a healthier, higher dose of momentum
hope that this renewed energy inspires an active morning, a creative afternoon, and a,
well deserved, FUN filled evening.