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Make THE BEST affogato at home




Do you know anyone who doesn't love drowning their favourite ice cream in bold tasting, smooth coffee? If you do, they probably don't deserve to be your friend... Read on to find out how we're nailing everyone's favourite dessert, and how to convert your friends onto the good stuff...

What actually is, affogato?

Originating from Italy, arguably the home of great ice cream and gelato, the term affogato is actually a direct translation of 'drowned'. Which makes a lot of sense, as the dessert is quite simply ice cream drowned in espresso. Just don't get us started on how Italy definitely isn't the home of great coffee, that's for another time!

The ice cream

Like most super tasty things, they're super simple too. And as with anything simple, there's no hiding when you use poor quality ingredients. Or as George, our resident affogato smasher says, "if you put great in you'll get great out. Put sh*t in, you'll get sh*t out". And he's right, so use the best you can afford.

Pretty much any ice cream works well for affogato, but if you want to honour the age-old tradition and go for the O.G, it's got to be vanilla. That'd be boring though, so we really rate Halo Top's Salted Caramel, especially as it's totally dairy-free too.

And the coffee?

Traditionally you'd pour a steaming hot shot of freshly brewed espresso over your ice cream of choice, but we're no traditionalists here. Plus, who has a decent espresso knocking about at home?! The problem though with a lot of espresso is it can be super bitter and really acidic too - both qualities that aren't too favourable when whipping up a dreamy affogato. Oh, and definitely don't go reaching for that jar of freeze dried instant coffee nastiness!

Something a little easier is cracking open a can of either our Black or Oat Cold Brew and pouring it straight over your ice cream of choice. No faffing about with espresso machines, and thanks to the cold-brew nature of our drinks, there's 60% less acidity than espresso, and next to no bitterness too.

The 'recipe'

We hope you're ready for this one. It's a real complex recipe so hang tight...

1 x giant scoop of HALOTOP Salted Caramel or your favourite ice cream

1/2 a can Bottleshot Oat or Black Cold Brew

Pop the ice cream in a tumbler or small bowl and pour the cold brew on top. For an added level-up, crush your favourite biscuits on top then inhale like no-one's watching. Enjoy!