Bottleshot Cold Brew Coffee

Our Story

No junk, No funk, the bottleshot way!

Bottleshot is a vegan friendly iced coffee that wants to change what you probably think of canned drinks… sickly sweet? Fake? Weak? We hear you! We're sure you've probably tried your fair share of "milkshake coffees", that are filled with more sugar than beans! Bottleshot gives you a boost from good ol' caffeine rather than sugar. Coffee should be a feel-good drink, and that's why we eventually came up with Bottleshot Coffee!


We wanted a great coffee in a grab and go can to prove that function doesn’t have to mean crappy coffee. We use 2 espresso shots worth of the finest Rainforest Alliance arabica beans in our simple, no-added sugar or junk recipe. Because when coffee tastes great, you don’t really need anything else. But don’t just take our word for it, back in 2021 our hard work paid off and we became the first canned coffee ever to win a Great Taste Award!




We're a proud partner of Urban Mushroom

Urban Mushroom is a YMCA company that repurposes our leftover coffee grinds to grow mushrooms in their urban farm.

Over 500,000 tonnes of used coffee grounds are sent to landfill each year unecesssarily, so we're happy ours don't add to that.

Urban Mushrooms pioneers ethical and sustainable food production, as well as provides jobs and training to young people who are the furthest removed from the labour market.